A short guide on explainer videos

What they are, why your company needs them, and tips for making them

According to recent research, 96% of people have found an explainer video useful to learn more about a product or service


Explainer videos are one of the hottest, most valuable pieces of content that you can add to your marketing strategy!

Whether you’re showing a customer how to use your product or how to solve a problem, explainer videos are all about educating and supporting your audience with practical information in a short, simple format.

In this ebook you'll learn: 

  • All about explainer videos and their benefits
  • The different styles of explainer videos
  • How to write an explainer video script
  • How to use visual storytelling

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About Babelee

Babelee developed a patented technology that automatically transforms data and insights into highly dynamic and communicative videos.

Babelee enables to deliver personalized videos, video feeds and video bot at scale, instantly, just connecting scenes with any type of database.

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