Your guide to video marketing on social media

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93% of brands say they have acquired new customers through a video on social media.


Knowing how to communicate on social media is essential for companies of every kind and for individual professionals. As we know video is the best way to communicate effectively, engagingly and most of the audience is present on social media.

Social media offers endless possibilities: you can tell a story, promote your product or service, you can use them as video-blogging and video streaming platforms.

YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn: what are the best practices to place yourself on these social newtworks and reach the target audience?


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  • Some tips to improve your social media videos
  • How to market your YouTube videos
  • How supercharge your Instagram with videos
  • How to market yourself on LinkedIn

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About Babelee

Babelee developed a patented technology that automatically transforms data and insights into highly dynamic and communicative videos.

Babelee enables to deliver personalized videos, video feeds and video bot at scale, instantly, just connecting scenes with any type of database.

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