Three types of video that
cannot miss in your 2022
marketing strategy

Download the ebook and discover the types of video that are essential for your 2022 video marketing strategy!


There is no doubt about the effectiveness of video, the content that has contributed the most to the success of marketers' strategies over the past few years. But what types of video content companies should invest in for 2022?

In this ebook we'll identify the three types of video that offer the most interesting prospects. Download it now to discover:

  • The most engaging video formats
  • What corporate video is all about
  • How to make an infographic video
  • The most popular short-form videos that brands will use in 2022

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About Babelee

Babelee developed a patented technology that automatically transforms data and insights into highly dynamic and communicative videos.

Babelee enables to deliver personalized videos, video feeds and video bot at scale, instantly, just connecting scenes with any type of database.

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